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The perfect space for your Coaching

We offer you a unique space, filled with positive vibrations, the Executive Coaching will enable you to reach your  Purpose in Life and reach your dreams. 


In Aletheia Art & Coaching we believe in the potential of women leadership, and want to be women's ally in achieving it.

Vivi Kieffer, is Executive Coach by INCAE Business School, under the recognized Success Unlimited Network (SUN) principles.


Discover our unique offer and lets conquest your dreams together!





Aletheia Art & Coaching helpts the GE Life Transformer Foundation

As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Aletheia Art & Coaching  helps women with disabilities to reach their potential, through Coaching, thanks to the partnership with GE Life Transformer Foundation.

If you would like to help us giving more coaching to women in need, follow us on our social Media Accounts, and lets make it possible together!

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