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The perfect space for your People Management Coaching

Unlocking the potential of your people management skills is essential for not only professional growth but also personal fulfillment.

At Aletheia Culture, we provide a distinctive haven filled with positivity, where Executive Coaching empowers you to realize your life's purpose and attain your dreams.

We're committed to nurturing the potential of women in leadership and aspire to be your ally in achieving it.


With Vivianne Kieffer, an Executive Coach trained by INCAE Business School, we offer personalized 1:1 coaching sessions to guide you on your journey.


Explore our exceptional offerings and let's conquer your dreams together!





Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring & Coaching

Vivianne Kieffer giving Coaching

Mentoring at your finger tip

Effective project management is a multifaceted discipline that extends beyond textbooks and certifications.


A mentor's guidance helps individuals navigate the intricate landscape of project management, offering insights honed through real-world experiences.


At Aletheia Culture, providing mentoring on tools and methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, and hybrid approaches is invaluable, as it equips mentees with the practical knowledge and adaptability required to excel in diverse project environments.


By imparting knowledge, fostering problem-solving skills, and sharing best practices, mentoring within the PMI framework enhances the professional growth of project managers, ultimately contributing to the success of projects and organizations as a whole.

Aletheia Art & Coaching helpts the GE Life Transformer Foundation

As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Aletheia Culture  has helped women with disabilities to reach their potential, through Coaching, thanks to the partnership with GE Life Transformer Foundation.

If you would like to help us give more coaching to women in need,to join our fundraising opportunities.

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