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​We are the last trend in interior design, mixing art and luminosity. DIscover our set of beautiful and unique proposals. Where impecable design, finds beautiful and meaningful art works that will enlighten your interiors.

These products are made of glass, chrome, and led illumination, for both efficiency and elegance.

Art at the service of Design


​The artworks both in digital and painted techniques are thought to incorporate the latest design trends.


Let yourself embrace in the latest "American Vibrations and Signs" by Gilbert Kieffer or the "Volumetrical Abstraction" by Vivi Kieffer.

An enchanting world awaits, discover it!


dining room exhibit.jpg
TRee of life dining room.jpg
stairs sol a.jpg
backlight sun b.jpg
kuna signs salon.jpg
silhouettes mini.jpg
anacaona sofa b.jpg
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