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Our services are focused on making the People and Project Management journey more 'Aletheia Human'. We believe that each and every one deserves a fulfilling career experience. The 3 pillars where we will focus is on People Management Coaching, Project Management Mentoring and Public Speaking and Communications Training. How to build our own as well as our organization Culture will be our silver bridge.

Judith Santiago

"As a client, it was key for me to transition into a new work program and structure.
Vivianne is receptive to understand her client; I feel she has the patience to help users identify skills to further develop, manage blind spots and be open to continue building on knowledge. I can only thank her and endorse her good work."

Lillian Thyssen

"Vivianne managed and produced a variety of outreach, training and other events with grace, stellar results, and very high feedback from clients!"

Helena Saenz

"From the first moment, I was impressed by her professionalism,  creativity in the execution of projects and her ability to resolve all types of situations in times of pressure. Her perspective on gender issues and human management is tremendously valuable. But, above all, Vivanne is an excellent coworker, proactive and tireless worker to achieve the expected results."

Olivia Jaras

“Whether managing internal or external communications, she is brilliant at navigating teams and coaching executives so that everyone is on the same page.
In addition, Vivi is a brilliant event planner and organizer. As an international keynote speaker, I've travelled for events quite extensively... and the event I was invited to partake in was hands down one of the most well orchestrated, flawlessly executed and entertaining events I have had the pleasure of participating in”

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