April 28, 2020

When I met him, I knew I had seen him before. Was it in an airplane?

An extrovert, eyes full of sparks, and gentleman, Michael looked familiar. 

It is not until I did my research for this interview that I understood where I saw him before. Michael was one of the leading reporters of the Malaysian MH17 flight that crashed in Ukraine. From Ukrainian origins, Michael has had a vibrant life, journalist, and spokesperson for UNICEF...

November 10, 2019

Conocer los Techos que pavimentan el ascenso de las mujeres es prepararse mejor para alcanzar tus sueños!

June 6, 2019

“Enriquillo Amiama - Vivi Kieffer & Luis Zegarra en:

Arte / H2O - ATABEY”

El pasado lunes quedó inaugurada la muestra: “Enriquillo Amiama – Vivi Kieffer & Luis Zegarra en: Arte / H2O - ATABEY”, disponible para el público en el 3er. Nivel del Centro Comercial Ágora Mall.

Se trata de una iniciativa de la artista Vivi Kieffer, Embajadora del GYCN Global Youth Climate Network y representante de Aletheia Art con el propósito de llamar...

This week we will be celebrating the international day dedicated to the environment, we had to Act for Mother Nature, or "Atabey" as the original settlers of Dominican Republic used to call her...

Today, Dominican Republic belongs to the dreaded list of the most vulnerable countries to Climate Change in the World.

This is why Artist Vivi Kieffer, Founder of Aletheia Art & Coaching and Ambassador for Global Youth Climate Network...

January 28, 2019

Ok... so we are almost 1 month down, 11 left... Still plenty of time to achieve your goals for 2019!

For this and plenty other great reasons lets go Live and make a greater connection!

Because at the end, technology can make our human connections better, and this is why I have this goal for 2019!

   For connection with art

+ More connection with Women

+ More purpose driven steps

= A fantastic year ahead of us!

Lets do it togethe...

December 23, 2018

 I would love to share this letter to Santa with you, and it only has 4 items:

Me gustararia compartir esta carta a Santa con Ustedes. Solo tiene 4 puntos: 

Please show me to be gentle and forgiving, no matter what,

Muestrame como ser amable e indulgente, siempre,

Give me the understanding to be useful to others,

Dame el conocimiento de ser util a otras personas,

Put the right persons on my track, so I can learn from them, and help...

November 17, 2018

Se ha hablado de Balance Trabajo- Vida Personal por las  últimas 4 décadas... es un tema muy conocido, pero que pasaría si de esta tierra prometida, encontraríamos una tierra alcanzable. Era el momento de actualizar este término tan empleado de Work Life Balance, para encontrar una solución con sentido!

No se pierda el último video de Vivi Kieffer para Aletheia Woman. Una producción de Aletheia Art.

October 20, 2018

A condensed version was written in spanish for Dominican Republic's Top Business Magazine "Revista Mercado", for its "Most Powerful Women 2018" edition More information at www.revistamercado.do


So far I can remember, while working on women leadership there was always this quest for reaching the Work Life perfect Balance. As Executive Coaches, we were always trying to get clos...

September 27, 2018

After spending months in Europe loosing myself, I had come to peaces with the idea, that I belong to the very numerous percentage of women that lack any sense of orientation. Or so I believed...

I can even add that I belong to the very unlikely part of the feminine population that do not like to ask her way, but that will repeatedly loose herself, even holding Google Maps in her hand... Blame the GPS! Blame the internet speed!


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