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Happy International Women's Day 2020!

"I am Generation Equality" and You?

One day to celebrate what we have achieved so far, and of course look at was is missing!

Lets take this one day to really think where we want to lead our careers and our impact on society.

Is everything achievable? I belong to those that believe that yes!

Will it come at a cost? You bet it will... The cost of change, of always building a better version of yourself, of learning, and the risk of maybe not achieving it.

There is no great results without big challenges! It all depends on the willingness and effort we put in achieving our targets.

But the greater challenges seem to come now, on how big we are dreaming and who we include in our dreams. " I am Generation Equality" motto of this year's International Women's Day wants to wake up a whole Generation. No geographical barriers, no political limits willl be valid. We are a Generation, and we all are responsible of the outcomes!

So here are my 3 steps into greater equality for women ...

Hope it will give you ideas and that you will share them with us!

Thanks for being part of Aletheia!


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