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What is it going to be then: Passenger or Driving Seat?


Passenger Seat is so comfortable. It gets cozy. Right?

My great great aunt, Tante Ana, drove a red cabriolet in 1936. She drove to Berlin to see the Olympics. Back then it was not boring as today with our traffic jams, it was adventure, novelty, discovery... it was freedom!

Can you imagine that adrenaline? If you have troubles, do remember how it felt when you first had your driving licence. Finally you are able to move whenever and wherever you wanted (provided you had the car). This is the joyous, ecstatic feeling I want you to remember. Today it is shared by 14 million women in Saudi Arabia.

Last country in the world where driving was still prohibited to women. Since of June 24th, 2018 it is allowed. [In perspective can you imagine how it was NOT to be allowed?] This first important step in women empowerment that we dear to hope, will be followed by very other numerous and needed steps in this country, so that these women will be able to access better paid positions if their dream is to work, and provide a better situation for their family and themselves. Although it is a very interesting theme to tackle, and I will do it probably in a near future, the aim of this article is quite different.

This article is to savor and rediscover how this new acquired right will suppose a change in their lives. I imagine the same feeling that Germans felt when the wall fell in 1989 for reuniting then a torn out country, or when women where given the right to vote. The persons touched by such a disruptive change of this nature will have wondered "What will I do with it?", " I am given a new opportunity, will I seize it?".

As an executive Coach fostering Women Leadership with Aletheia Art & Coaching , this is what I would like for every and each of the readers of this article to think : "I have so many opportunities, I tend to assume they will be there no matter what. But how about doing things differently? How about choosing rediscovering my rights, not take them for granted and actually do something with them."

An opportunity is only there if you seize it, otherwise it is somebody else's opportunity.

So now that I can drive, will I still prefer the passenger seat, so that decisions are made and opportunities grasped by others? Or will I finally consider to seat behind the wheels and try to have things my way...

.In life it seems that it all comes down to: Passenger or Driving Seat!

For more information on my coaching work @Aletheiaart on social media .

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