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"Art/H2o - ATABEY " exhibit's invitation @ Agora Mall, Santo Domingo

This week we will be celebrating the international day dedicated to the environment, we had to Act for Mother Nature, or "Atabey" as the original settlers of Dominican Republic used to call her...

Today, Dominican Republic belongs to the dreaded list of the most vulnerable countries to Climate Change in the World.

This is why Artist Vivi Kieffer, Founder of Aletheia Art & Coaching and Ambassador for Global Youth Climate Network in the Dominican Republic, created this initiative, and invited Lillian Carrasco de Cury to join her!

As a result, Enriquillo Amiama, Vivi Kieffer and Luis Zegarra's will share with this exhibit their deep care for nature, and for water. Water becoming so rare in some regions of the country, and in other countries such as Peru, where Luis Zegarra comes from.

Aletheia Art and Coaching as main sponsor for this event, Agora Mall, first mall in the Caribbean certified as "green", has generously offered its walls

Producciones RS Eventos, has also accepted the invitation and will take care of the son & Lumieres for the Vernissage.

Imagen & Etica and Fundacion Gisela Eusebio Life Transformer are also key sponsors of the event that you will discover tomorrow...

This and many other surprises, tomorrow at 7pm in Agora Mall, 3rd Floor.

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