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Aletheia Open Night- Volumetrical Abstraction Vernissage

VIvi Kieffer presented her exhibit "Volumetrical Abstraction- Vasarely" in Aletheia Art Showroom, Thank you to the sponsors that helped this impressive event : Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana,

Fresita, R&S Producciones e Imagen y Etica.

More than hundred gathered to meet with the new art creation, this time inspired by Abstract Know Artist : Vasarely.

Thank you for the medias for the wonderful coverage this exhibit received, hereby the links:

Vivi Kieffer expone su Abstracción Volumetrica en Aletheia Showroom, EL Caribe

Articulo en seccion Rostos, del Diario Hoy

Vivi Kieffer expone su Abstracción Volumetrica, El Caribe

Zona Norte al Dia

Fox Magazine RD

Sociales y Turismo

#art #vernissage #ViviKieffer #VolumetricalAbstraction #DominicanRepublic #Culture #AletheiaArt

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